About Anamalz


 Our motivation is to make people smile. In a world that is growing more and more complicated, we see the need to laugh, to embrace quirkiness and to see the funny side of day to day living. We love nature, simplicity, friends and fun. We want to create little moments that become big memories and capture the natural character of life.

A little bit of our journey...

Anamalz are owned and designed in Australia. First brought into the world in 2006, Anamalz now roam all over the world. More than 15 industry awards have been won including an Australian international design award.

Aquariums, zoos, galleries, museums, airports and other tourist stores, gift stores, cafes, book stores, eco stores, toy stores and children’s clothing stores give a home to our heartbreakers. Pretty much anywhere with good taste.

Regarding the technical stuff (and by the way, it is really important to us)...

Made in an award winning factory in Vietnam that meets all international manufacturing standards, our characters are EN71 (part 1,2,3) CPSIA and ASTM certified. The wood we use is forest plantation beech wood, the horns are made from a FDA approved material called TPR (an eco alternative
to plastic) and the age grading is 3+. All paint is child friendly, glues are formaldehyde free and fabrics are AZO dye free.

Welcome to our world.  We hope to make you smile.

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