Hello there!

We are anaMalz: the cuddliest wooden toys alive. First discovered in Australia, we now roam all over the world. We love nature, beautiful places and having fun. Want to know more about us? Read on!

Code free playground!

Everyone is welcome in our playground. AnaMalz are all about fun so come this way for adventure!

What do I do with my code you ask? Well, congratulations, your code gives you your own guardian certificate signifying that you are now the proud owner of an Anamal. And further more, because of your purchase, you have helped make nature grow!

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For a long time it has been uncertain as to where anaMalz came from. Did they just spring out of tree roots? How long have they been in our world? Why do we see them now and not before? Read more about the beginning of anaMalz and other interesting facts .....



Come listen to the old Talking Totems

The World of anaMalz has some strange creatures indeed... take for instance the Talking Totems. Sit in front of one, ask for a story and you will hear an incredible tale! Very soon they will unlock the history of anaMalz...and all mysteries will be revealed!

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